I assume you noticed an entry in your HTTP logs that guided you to this URL. If not, then this page may be out of context for you.

What's this?

Being inspired by #masspoem4u, I try to repeat what they did: to distribute a unique HTTP request to all IPv4 addresses around the globe.

Why did you do this?

Just for fun. Because I can. For experiment.

How did you do this?

I use a slightly modified version of Robert Graham's masscan, just like the masspoem4u guys did at CCC. However, I don't have such a fast network as theirs, so my scan will approximately take a week to go through. You can find an interesting article of masscan here.

Does it do any harm?

Of course not. It is totally harmless. The only thing you should perceive is the message in your HTTP log. Since one IP gets only one request, and the order of probes are randomized, it does not drain your resources and does not overload your network.

I received more than one requests from you. Why so?

I stopped the first scan at 10% with the assumption that I will be able to resume it from that point. For some reason, masscan hung indefinitely when I tried to continue the scan with its --resume option. Therefore, I had to restart the scan from the beginning. This means, those lucky ones who were reached in the first 10% of my first scan, will get the request the second time during the second scan (that will be hopefully complete).

Will you repeat the experiment, or is it a one time thing?

Please keep in mind that it's a one time experiment. I don't plan to repeat it. Now that the first experiment failed, it is possible that I will do multiple experiments in the future, and probably I will aim to reach greater speeds. Still, several days may pass between multiple scans, and it still won't stress your network in any way.

Whatever, please exclude my network from your experiment!

Regardless, if you want to make sure to exclude you from any further experiments of mine, please send an e-mail to <abuse+massgoat4u@megabrutal.com>.

How I may contact you for any other reason?

In case of any further questions or comments, please contact me at <contact+massgoat4u@megabrutal.com>.